Pathways Endorsed Through P16Plus


Pathways Endorsed Through P16Plus

Communicating the New Graduation Plan

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GenTX SA joins with Miss Fiesta  for Training


GenTX SA joins with Miss Fiesta for Training

College Means Opportunity Leadership Training 2015

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Get ready to show your college spirit!


Get ready to show your college spirit!

Wear your favorite college t-shirt on May 1st!

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College Enrollment Data Moment


College Enrollment Data Moment

P16Plus working to increase gap

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P16Plus + Education = KIDS WIN!


P16Plus + Education = KIDS WIN!

Visit our donation page on My 5th!

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What's Working

“San Antonio is Our Classroom” is a program under P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County that highlights affordable, educational resources available to parents and students. On the “San Antonio is Our Classroom” web page, caregivers can find educational programs and activities that contribute to the exploration and discovery of a child’s academic development. This resource will aid families in ensuring that their children are better prepared and inspired to achieve success.

If you’re an organization or you have a program that aligns with “San Antonio Is Our Classroom,” please email:

The P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County, an SA2020 Lead Partner in Education, and various city leaders and partners from our school districts and nonprofits celebrated the first-ever national Attendance Awareness Month last Fall. Since the launch, we have partnered with more than 30 partners and 5 ISDs who are working to make daily school attendance a priority in our community. P16Plus continues to communicate the importance of attendance in Pre-K through 12th grade and is working with schools and nonprofit organizations to focus on improving attendance habits for chronic non-attending students (those missing 10% or more of expected school days – excused or unexcused).

For SA Kids Attend to Win Resources, Click on the link below:

  • SA Kids Winning in Harlandale ISD!

    Harlandale ISD sees great results with SA KIDS ATTEND TO WIN!

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  • SA Kids Attend to Win going strong in 2015!

    Local Principal and staff serve breakfast to teachers

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  • ReadyRosie Prepares kids for Pre-K

    ReadyRosie is a digital parent engagement tool that sends 1-2-minute videos to registered users via email and can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device.

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Our mission is to provide an outlet for high school students to express their voice through the outlets of advocacy, community service, and social media.

The San Antonio Youth Commission is comprised of 22 high school youth leaders, two members from each City Council District and two Mayoral appointees. Each appointee is selected for a two-year term and is vetted through the City of San Antonio’s Board and Commission process. The Youth Commission meets monthly to plan events and programs that give a voice to the concerns of San Antonio’s youth.

SAYC is a unique organization redefining the shape of student leadership in our city. Students are the primary catalysts for change within this group, and see great impact made from their vision and the wherewithal to take on big challenges. They are given the tools to establish sustainable programs and foster imaginative initiatives throughout the school year, supporting their fellow students, schools, and the community at large. They are committed to serving with professional communication, compassionate action, and selfless service in order to truly follow a model of servant leadership.

We are the future, leading the future.

Each year, the San Antonio Youth Commission members volunteer with several community-based organizations to experience the issues facing our city and be an active part of the solution. In the past they have joined with the Elf Louise Christmas Project doing Christmas deliveries, as well Destination College, a city-wide week dedicated to creating a visible college-going presence, involving students in actively achieving their college dreams.

This year we have joined with the ranks of some of SA’s top leadership in brand-new partnerships, including with café commerce, SaySi, TEDxYouthSanAntonio, and Student Aid San Antonio, an initiative sponsored by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and Firstmark Credit Union. The newest commissioners have also done a stellar job of involving our City Council members, inviting them out to commission-based events, and even making a visit to City Hall for a day in the life of a Council member. With poise and confidence these young leaders are paving a path for their peers to speak up and have their voice heard as viable and powerful leaders for the positive growth of communities everywhere.

What is Generation TX San Antonio?

The mission of Generation TX San Antonio (GenTX SA) is to create a college-going and career-ready culture in San Antonio in one generation.

What is a GenTXpert?
• A soldier on the ground for promoting the efforts of GenTX SA
• A professional communicator responsible for upkeep of social media page
• A dynamic creator and utilizer of different mediums (videos, flyers, events) that help promote college and career readiness

What does a GenTXpert do?

GenTXperts lead a team of dedicated high school students in monthly meetings to discuss what College & Career Readiness events are important to promote in the upcoming month. By creating a social media calendar each month, the GenTXperts are able to amplify their message across multiple social media platforms and open the door for hundreds of more students. Thousands of students will receive the benefit of every scholarship posting, college-representative visit, and college-going opportunity that is posted through Generation TX San Antonio’s social media pages.

GenTXperts are also responsible for igniting a spirit of passion and dedication towards the college-going path by creating energetic events surrounding the college message through pep rallies, spirit days, and leadership events.
Our Work

Currently we have a team of 100 students that represent 15 area high schools throughout San Antonio. Each group works closely with the San Antonio Youth Commission and the Trinity University College Advising Corps who act as vital support in collaboration and organization.
Already in the 2014-2015 school year we have led our first Voice of the Youth Leadership Training at café commerce, where we saw over 50 students and several key leaders from San Antonio’s business, communications, political, and musical community come together to share the message of professional development, compassionate action, and selfless service in the workplace. April 4th we led the College Means Opportunity Leadership Training once again at café commerce, this time welcoming leaders from educational institutions and college students, who communicated the importance of being prepared for the transition to college. Currently we are developing partnerships for summer engagement opportunities that will allow our students to give back during their time away from school.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, an educational pathway designed to prepare our students for careers in these fields, shown to be abundant and very relevant to our economy in the 21st century.

P16Plus is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for students from cradle to career. One of our focuses is in the area of College and Career Readiness, where we aim to prepare students for post-secondary education and workforce opportunities. Our initiatives are critical because by 2018, 63% of our jobs will require post-secondary education, yet less than 50% of graduating high school seniors enroll in college following graduation. The San Antonio Youth Commission is a group of city-council appointed youth whose mission is to provide an outlet for the youth to share their voice through advocacy, community service, and social media. They team up with Generation TX San Antonio, a student-led program designed to make SA a college-going and career-ready culture in one generation. We also collaborate with Education Service Center 20 in order to spread the word on House Bill 5 and new statewide graduation requirements, preparing our students for jobs in the workforce.

Education News

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    Pathways Endorsed Through P16Plus

    House Bill 5: Communicating the New Graduation Plan

    House Bill 5 is the formal legislation passed by Congress in the state of Texas that is aimed at creating greater flexibility for high school students, while laying a foundation for alignment with higher education and workforce needs. This is done through the adjusting of high school graduation requirements. View Story

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    P16Plus + Education = KIDS WIN!

    P16Plus is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for students from cradle to career. Continuing our mission is contingent upon many factors-actionable and scalable data, engaging partners, sustainable collaborations that put the student first. To keep these collaborations alive and our students succeeding, we rely upon the support of many generous donors from corporations to foundations, and the City of San Antonio. View Story

  • VolunteerSpotlight
    Volunteer Spotlight- Carole Wright

    As the backbone organization that leads a number of education initiatives in San Antonio; P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County relies heavily on volunteer support. One shining example of volunteerism is Carole Wright. View Story

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    GenTX SA joins with Miss Fiesta for Training

    High-school student leaders from across San Antonio joined Miss Fiesta Alixzandra Peña at café commerce on April 4th, 2015, ​ alongside students and faculty from the University of the Incarnate Word, as well as District 3 State Board of Education member Marisa B. Perez. View Story

    Get ready to show your college spirit!

    Tuesday, April 1, 2015- San Antonio is gearing up for a week-long celebration of the educational dreams of our students with Destination College Week from April 27th–May 1st. Our aim is to inspire young people to attend college and to prepare teenagers for career paths after college. View Story