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HB5 Pathway Resources

Teachers, Counselors, and parents are free to access resources that include career pathways with salaries, generic announcements for classroom and hallway posting, as well as a map that demonstrates HB5 the pathway for students from start to finish. Feel free download: View Story

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    Positive Feedback for SA Is Our Classroom


    San Antonio is Our Classroom is in full swing in February 2015, with the most recent gathering on February 8th at the San Antonio Children’s Museum. View Story

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    Mayor Taylor Leads Workforce Summit

    On Tuesday, County Judge Nelson Wolff and I hosted a workforce development summit with nearly 150 leaders in the community.  We heard from a number of industries and organizations that have built strong partnerships to improve our skilled workforce, and we renewed our commitment to collaborative, public-private strategies to improve our economic competitiveness. View Story

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    HB5 Family & Parent Engagement Symposium

    In an effort to expose a greater number of parents to the important legislation on graduation requirements, known as House Bill 5, P16Plus teamed up with Region 20  to provide materials and interactive engagement surrounding how to inform their kids and get them prepared. View Story

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    Can I get a F-A-F-S-A!

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is officially out and ready to be completed by SA’s college-bound.

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    GO, SAYC, GO!

    In partnership with Spurs Sports and Entertainment, the San Antonio Youth Commission had the privilege to keep Christmas going a little longer as they attended the Rampage hockey game on December 26th.

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    SA Kids Attend to Win going strong in 2015!

    On January 16th, Morrill Elementary School celebrated teachers and staff members for their hard work towards increasing attendance. Todd Voges, Morrill principal, administrative staff, and P16Plus staff served a homemade breakfast to faculty. View Story

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    House Bill 5: Communicating the Plan

    We are excited to be teaming up with Region 20 to communicate the message on our new graduation requirements. Learn more and find free resources for parents and schools here

  • SASS


    SASTEMIC is a San Antonio-based 501c3 advocacy group and connectory for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We are “the go-to organization for STEM in San Antonio.” Our mission is to advance STEM education and economic development to bolster the connections between K-12, college, industry, and government for the San Antonio area. SASTEMIC is home to the Geekbus, FIRST Robotics, CyberPatriot, CodeJam and Tech City USA Radio.

    SASTEMIC Website here