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My Brother’s Keeper Steering Committee Convenes to Set Targets

My Brother’s Keeper, a challenge Mayor Ivy R. Taylor accepted from President Obama, moves forward after the steering committee met on September 16th at cafécollege to discuss a plan of action and set targets that will address issues facing both boys and young men of color in San Antonio.

Dedicated to improving opportunity gaps, the steering committee – which includes a high school committee, reducing violence committee, workforce development committee and post-secondary committee – drafted a strategic plan with established long-term goals. View Story

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    P16Plus Welcomes 3 New Board Members

    P16Plus is pleased to welcome three newly appointed members to our Board of Directors: Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Mason, President of A&M University- San Antonio, Dr. Danny J. Anderson, President of Trinity University, and Mr. Pedro Martinez, Superintendent of San Antonio Independent School District. These experienced and passionate leaders join the P16Plus Board of Directors that serve a critical role in leading and directing efforts to ensure every child dramatically improves their educational success from cradle to career. View Story

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    Youth Commission Lays a New Foundation

    Setting out for the new school year ready to face any obstacle, the San Antonio Youth Commission (SAYC) took to Enchanted Rock State Park on August 22nd, 2015, ready to connect with fellow peers and build a solid foundation. View Story