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Kindergarten Readiness

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    Summer Reading: 8 is Great!

    Summer slide is a phrase commonly used to describe the academic loss a student, especially those from low-income families, experiences during the summer. View Story

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    Kindergarden Readiness Checklist

    Children learn from the moment they are born. This brochure is designed so you can help your child learn the information he/she needs to be successful in school. Keep this brochure handy for reference…

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    Data Moment: Harlandale ISD “Bright Spots”

    With 51% and 53% of their graduates enrolling in Texas colleges the first fall after graduation respectively, Harlandale and McCollum high schools in Harlandale Independent School District stood out among campuses with similarly high rates of economic disadvantage. View Story

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    Diplomás Policy Summit

    On March 9, 2017, Diplomás held a half-day Policy Summit at the UTSA Downtown Campus to discuss advocacy and its role in promoting Latino student success.  

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    MBKSA College & Career Readiness Summit

    Sixty male students from McCollum, Harlandale, and Sam Houston High Schools attended My Brother’s Keeper College & Career Readiness Summit held at Café College on March 27, 2017. View Story

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    Math Matters

    On March 29, 2017, P16Plus hosted a Math Matters! Summit in partnership with E3Alliance: a collective impact partnership based in Austin, Texas. The topic of the summit was around the results from a longitudinal study conducted by E3 alliance that showcased the demographic differences in among students who take higher level mathematics courses.

    The presentation began with an explanation of the effect that taking higher level math courses has on academic outcomes including high school graduation, college enrollment, persistence and graduation within six years. Students who took higher level math courses such as Calculus II or College level courses were most likely to graduate high school on time, enroll, persist and graduate from college within six years.

    The cohort that was examined was a group of 9th-grade students in Bexar County tracked beginning in 2006. As an example of the outcomes gap, the data tells us that students whose highest level of math taken was less than Algebra II had a graduation rate of 56% compared to students who had taken Algebra II who were graduating at 91%. Students who took less than Algebra II as their highest math were at a 23% rate of enrollment in college versus a rate of 82% for students who took an AP, IB or Dual Credit math course and 77% for those who took PreCalculus.

    What does this mean for educational equity, you ask?

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