A national reform movement known as Pre-K-3 is fast becoming a platform with many advocates for early education.

Educators in Santa Maria, Calif., quickly realized a disconnect that occurs between children in PreK and Kindergarten, especially among immigrant children. The stories covered in the Kindergarten reading curriculum were not stories the children heard at home. This prompted the PreK teachers to revise their literacy program to include those covered in Kindergarten.

The pre-K-3 movement, which refers to the years spanning prekindergarten to 3rd grade, wants to revolutionize early education through connected initiatives, including universal access to free public preschool, mandatory full-day kindergarten, and curriculum that is seamlessly connected from preschool to 3rd grade. Increasing parent involvement is also a major focus.

Proponents and critics both take issue citing mixed results and the great need for funding to replicate the programs nationwide. Nevertheless, major funders like the Foundation for Child Development and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have supported this program.

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