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Arithmetic Added to Preschool Currriuclum

Early learning literacy is a common topic of discussion among educators, but did you know that learning math concepts in prekinder is just as important for developing critical thinking skills in later grades?

Chicago schools are revamping their preschool programs to include math skills development in the preschool curriculum across the city. Basic fundamental skills taught include connecting numerals to quantity, building patterns, and understanding the idea of addition. Local and public school grants have allowed for over 300 preschool teachers to get trained across 150 schools in the area.

Even though statistics indicate math scores are competitive at the national level, middle school children still lag behind other countries when it comes to concept mastery. Therefore, it’s imperative to instill those logical thinking skills early on.

“Evidence is mounting about the importance of teaching math in preschool and kindergarten. Research has shown that if children don’t have good instruction and effective teachers in early grades, they are more likely to struggle later when they face more complicated concepts. This is especially true for low-income children, who often arrive at school behind academically.”

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Photo Courtesy: Clayton Hauck for The Wall Street Journal
Teacher Jennifer Flynn incorporates math concepts in her preschool class at Lovett Elementary School in Chicago.