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AT&T Aspire Asserts Commitment to Education

The national dropout rate is cause for concern and AT&T is making a quarter-billion dollar investment to support education initiatives.

The telecommunications giant last month announced it’s commitment and reinvestment in education through its AT&T Aspire program. The education initiative will target at-risk and underserved populations to improve education success and reduce the drop out rate via large scale, “social innovative” processes.

Since 2008, AT&T has already invested $100 million in education reformation. The expanded program seeks to incorporate technology to connect with students. Because today’s youth spend so much time with technology, reaching out to them through social media or interactive gamification will no doubt inspire them to stay in school and develop those skills needed for college and career readiness.

“AT&T Aspire works toward an America where every student graduates high school equipped with the knowledge and skills to strengthen the nation’s workforce,” AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said at the second annual Building a Grad Nation Summit.

In order to achieve success, collaboration is required. The program will work with innovators to come up with solutions to the challenges students face in education. Another component for success involves mentoring programs like Job Shadowing with Junior Achievement and Jobs After Graduation (JAG) programs. Raising community awareness about the need to invest in education and embrace social innovation and stem education is critical for program success.

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Photo Courtesy: AT&T Aspire