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Bix Box Buildings Renovated for New City Library

Bix Box Buildings Renovated for New City Library

Big box buildings, or vacated superstores, are getting a new look and new life.

Instead of letting these big-box retailers become eyesores, the Rio Grand Valley turned a vacated, 123,000-square-foot building into the city’s public library. The McAllen Public Library is now the largest single-story public library in the country featuring a computer lab, a café, meeting rooms with videoconferencing capabilities and a 180-seat auditorium.

The new space is about four times as large as the old library and features unique architectural features from the area.

“In the old place, basically every table or chair next to an electrical outlet was taken, and you had others glancing longingly at those seats. Now, we have outlets at all tables,” said John Donohue, the library’s circulation supervisor who has been with the library system for 31 years.

Recently, the McAllen library was named the overall winner of the 2012 Library Interior Design Awards.

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Photo Courtesy: Lara Swimmer for the Texas Tribune