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Budget Cuts Force Educators to Wear Many Hats

Budget Cuts Force Educators to Wear Many Hats

It’s happening all over the country. Educators are assuming different roles from administrators to classroom teachers as districts struggle to perform with less.

Operating with fewer staff members has forced school districts to get creative. Instead of laying off employees, early retirement was encouraged thus saving  many jobs. In one Dallas school district, the only way to fill classrooms with teachers was to move them around. A retired principal vacancy was filled by a counselor, and the counselor position was filled by middle school English teacher and so on.

Aside from teaching more classes, some classroom educators find themselves teaching new content areas. Michelle Rodriguez from Northside ISD in San Antonio went from working with special education students to filling a counselor position and then to return back to the classroom this fall adding English and Language arts to her teaching duties. Although she’s not as versed in this content area as she hopes to be, she’d taking measures to get caught up. Northside ISD in San Antonio is one of the fastest growing school districts across the state and district superintendent John Folks followed suit as many other school districts across the country to save jobs. Michelle is just one example of teachers stepping up to the challenge.

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—Lisa Krantz for Education Week
Pictured: Michelle Rodriguez works with Adreian Urban during their 8th grade English class at Rayburn Middle School, in San Antonio. Ms. Rodriguez became a counselor last school year, but was asked to return to teaching this year. School employees nationwide are being forced to make painful personnel shifts as a result of budget cuts.