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Can video games teach non-cognitive skills?

Can video games teach non-cognitive skills?

Role-playing video games could help assess social-emotional learning.

According to researchers, using digital gaming as a tool to assess a student’s non-cognitive learning makes sense. Kids are drawn to interactive video games for entertainment, so it only made sense to create a game that was both engaging to students, but also provided educational value.

Like many digital games that captivate kids in complex problem-solving, Crystals of Kador not only motivates students by allowing them to role play, but also streamlines data that can offer insight to how students learn as they complete challenges.

“Our job is to provide compelling examples of what assessments can be,” said Constance Steinkuehler, an associate professor of education and former White House policy analyst who co-directs Games+Learning+Society, a center based here that is dedicated to designing and studying video games.

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