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Critics question largest virtual state school

Critics question largest virtual state school

Is the nation’s oldest and largest state virtual educator really making a difference in how students learn?

That is the question some critics are asking of the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), the largest state online education provider. The school itself has been seen as a model for accountability and funding practices. Proponents say it’s the school’s accountability that makes it work.

According to Education Week, FLVS offers over 110 online course and grew to 260,000 half-credit enrollments over the course of last year alone. Unlike traditional state school that get paid if students show up, FLSV students need to successfully pass the course before the school gets paid.

“This model is self-sustainable,” says Shearon Arnott, the director of district accountability for FLVS. “I don’t think you’ll see us pushing for some alternative method of funding.”

With the popularity of online schools growing across the nation, we need to pay close attention to retention and student outcomes.

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