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Early College model improves graduation rates

Early-middle college programs across North Carolina are starting off the new school year with a high note.

The early college program in Guilford, N.C., has seen 100% graduation rate last year across four of its early college schools. In the last ten years, the program has increased graduation rates each year.

The 73,500 student-district leads the nation with the most early college programs, and is getting ready to open its ninth school this fall.

In the early college program, high school students can earn college credit, and are eligible to graduate with an associates degree and high school diploma at the same time. Middle-college programs offer the same incentives, but in this model, students attend courses at the college campus.

Administrators acknowledge the hardships they’ve experienced but realize the programs do work.

“We have as many options in our school district as we can offer,” said Terry W. Worrell, a regional superintendent in the district. “We feel that one size does not fit all of our students.”

While some schools do cater to high-achieving students, other programs are designed for students who need more incentives and motivation.

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Photo Courtesy: Nicole Frugé/Education Week