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Fewer Texas Students Earn College Credentials

Fewer Texas Students Earn College Credentials

Robust data collection is needed to track student cohorts as they move through the education pipeline.

According to a report by The Texas Tribune, less than one-fifth of eighth grade students in Texas will go on to earn a post-secondary degree within six years of graduating high school. The numbers dip lower among Africa-American and Hispanic students. It is no surprise that socioeconomic status plays a key role in student success.

The Houston Endowment, a philanthropic foundation in Houston, is advocating for cohort tracking to determine where the “leaks” are as a student progresses through the education pipeline.While student tracking in Texas is used, it’s not perfect. Access to the National Student Clearinghouse data would track students who leave Texas to attend out-of-state colleges. As of now, that data is not collected.

Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes supports using simplified metrics, stating, ““If your final number is 19 out of 100 students receiving some form of post-secondary credential, you know there’s an awful lot of leakage in the pipeline,” Paredes said.

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Photo Courtesy: Todd Wiseman and Don Hill  / The Texas Tribune