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“Flip Model” Teaching Aids Student Learning

“Flip Model” Teaching Aids Student Learning

What do you get when you add Khan Academy YouTube videos and lectures for homework? That’s right…more in-class time to demonstrate concepts!

That’s the approach Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology is taking this year and it seems to be working. The “flip model” of instruction allows teachers to introduce lectures online for students to access at home on their own, thus allowing teachers to spend more time with discussions, projects and other activities in class.

The online lectures can include teacher-produced materials or instruction by Khan Academy, the high-profile nonprofit online-tutoring library. So far, the pilot program is showing great success at Gwinnet School; however, some experts do have doubts of the overall success in learning since students have to take the initiative to study the lectures at home.

A similar pilot program using the Khan Academy kicked off last Fall at Los Altos, California school district. The program was such a success that they’ve expanded it from five classrooms to 40 classrooms this year. According to district data, “only 23 percent of the 7th grade remediation students were proficient on the state mathematics test, but after the first year, the proficiency rate climbed to more than 40 percent.”

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Photo Courtesy: David Walter Banks/Luceo for Education Week