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Group Seeks New Ideas to Innovate Education

Group Seeks New Ideas to Innovate Education

The League of Innovative Schools traveled to Houston to observe Sharpstown High School, and what they found surprised them. The absence of technology for data collection.

Each day, student reports are reviewed by the high school principal and teachers to determine which students may be at risk of failing or dropping out based on grade point averages, state test scores and proficiency scores. The “data room,” as its known by those at the school, is manned by one person who invests countless hours compiling data and printing grids and dashboards. Unfortunately, the school’s data software is too outdated and replacing it with a new program would be too expensive.

“We shouldn’t have to spend 80 hours to do this. There should be tools to do this in eight hours,” acknowledged Superintendent Terry B. Grier of the Houston Independent School District,

That’s where the League comes in. The League of Innovative Schools launched last fall and is made up of several school districts who seek to improve student performance. Working in partnership with Digital Promise, a  national center working to advance education through technology, the League can bring in business leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs to provide innovative strategies.

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Photo Courtesy: Michael Stravato for Education Week
Principal Robert Gasparello looks over 9th grader Eric Gomez’s performance numbers after noticing that his ID card did not have his performance goal stickers on it at Sharpstown High School in Houston on March 20, one of the “Apollo 20” HISD schools targeted for improvement.