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High School Students Want More College Prep

In a recent online survey conducted among community college students, results revealed that students do not feel adequately prepared to succeed in college.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and Pearson Foundation, concludes the need for stronger college preparatory at the high school level. According to the study, 48% of students desire stronger emphasis in basic skills in high school, 52% would like more class offerings and 48% believe more challenging classes could have prepared them to succeed in college courses. A similar report also showed that students wished they would have studied more in high school because 71% believe they now have to work harder to earn college credits.

The second annual Pearson Foundation Community College Student Survey indicates college students are having trouble accessing courses they need for degree requirements because classes fill up quickly. The limited sections offered will add to the impact no doubt.

According to the College Bound Blog, the report also offered insight to online learning. Feedback supports the convenience of online classes (81%); however, 61% say that online courses are more difficult than in-person courses.

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