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Inspire Students to Learn With Graphic Novels

Inspire Students to Learn With Graphic Novels

Because reading is sometimes difficult for some students, retaining concepts or technical information can be just as challenging.

A recent study conducted from the University of Oklahoma, “Graphic presentation: An empirical examination of the graphic novel approach to communicate business concepts,” supports the use of graphic novels in class as a tool for delivering content.

Based on the study of 140 undergraduate business seniors, students who were asked to read material about management concepts were able to recall direct quotes from the graphic novel format as opposed to those students who covered the same material from a traditional textbook. Overall, students seem to favor the graphic novel format.

Co-author of the study Aaron McKenney sees the benefit of graphic novelf for teaching.

“If they’re more motivated to read (a graphic novel), but they’re not going to read a textbook, then their recall for a textbook is going to be pretty low,” McKenny said.

While the use of graphic novels with older students is new, younger students have been drawn to this format for years thanks to comic books and many new chapter books lined with illustrations.

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