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Internships guide students with career choices

Internships guide students with career choices

Workplace exposure gives students hands-on experience and a real-world view of the workplace.

Too many students are focused on academics. At least, that seems to be the concern for many experts. Workplace internships or job shadowing can help students prepare for college and career.

While many students may have an idea of a college major in mind, many may still be on the fence or undecided. Exposing students to areas of interest could lead students to focus on courses (whether academic or technical) that will develop skills needed to succeed on the job.

“The central goal is to get students out of the classroom and into the real world so they can feel and see the entire work process,” said Randy McPherson, a counselor at Trezevant Career and Technology Center in Memphis, Tenn., and the American School Counselor Association’s counselor of the year in 2011. “Otherwise, they don’t really grasp what a day looks like or what a job entails.”

Does your school have internships or job shadowing partnerships in place? Might be worth exploring as more attention falls on college and career readiness.

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