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LA’s iPad Intiative Stalls With Logistical Snags

LA’s iPad Intiative Stalls With Logistical Snags

Curriculum woes halt a school district’s digital plans.

The Los Angeles Unified iPad initiative or the Common Core Technology Project has recently been under scrutiny for various security and logistical issues and hefty price tag.

The Los Angeles Unified School District launched the ambitious campaign to place an iPad in the hands of all its 650,000 students across its district. To date, the half-billion dollar effort is not complete and new curriculum snags have caused concern

Publisher giant Pearson’s Common Core System of Courses curriculum, which supports the district’s math and language arts instruction for students in grades K-12,  has only released a few lessons per grade.

Frustrated teachers and school board members are calling for answers.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny on how we came to Pearson and what we think of Pearson’s quality,” board member Steve Zimmer said.

In coming weeks, the Los Angeles school board is set to decide whether to authorize the initiative’s second phase, which is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

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