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Learning Labs Allow Students to Develop Skills

Learning Labs Allow Students to Develop Skills

How do out-of-school settings motivate students to embrace skills needed in the workplace?

Education Week takes a look at several programs that are doing just that. Digital learning coupled with after-school or out-of-school settings are perfect venues to teach students about problem solving and creative thinking.

Some things are learned best when you apply the concept to a real-world setting, and students get excited with this style of learning. Programs that have worked include YouMedia, a digital learning lab for teenagers at the Chicago Public Library where students work on themed challenges, projects and contribute to YouLit Magazine.

The HIVE Learning Network, which offers similar opportunities, is made up of civic and cultural institutions who work together to provide students with physical and virtual spaces to explore skill-based interests. HIVE Learning projects often focus on STEM-based concepts, so youth get hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and math.

Global Kids is another network that uses out-of-school learning opportunities to develop college and career readiness. The year-round programs are available online and in schools.

How is your community developing your child’s 21st century skills?

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Explore the Chicago Public Library.

Photo Courtesy: Emile Wamsteker for Education Week
Osarieman Igbinevbo, 17, right, and her teammate, Miguel Zeng, 18, discover a geocache inside a disused Fire Department call box in New York City. The Global Kids program uses the treasure hunt and technology to teach students about public-policy issues.