Student-centered classroom allows middle and high school students to develop skills for gaming, website and app design.

Educators at Tygarts Valley Middle/High School in Mill Creek, W. Va., have incorporated Globaloria, a world wide web workshop that teaches students to develop gaming development skills, into their school curriculum.

In a lab-like classroom, students are learning programming and coding skills to create video games, web sites and apps. Aside from the technology skills, students develop transferable skills including blogging, storyboarding, proposal writing, and critical thinking.

“There are a bunch of kids here who in a couple years can start a company,” says Idit H. Caperton, the founder and president of World Wide Workshop, during a visit to Elkins, where the Randolph Technical Center piloted Globaloria way back in 2007.

“I believe there is talent everywhere,” she says. “And I think if we cultivate that, you will see some stars coming out of this state.”

Other states using Globaloria include California, Texas, Florida and New York.

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Photo Courtesy: Education Week