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More Struggling Students Being Held Back

More Struggling Students Being Held Back

Ending social promotion. That’s what some states like Iowa and Oklahoma have instituted for struggling readers who fail state reading standards.

There is a movement is these states to address early intervention for struggling readers, specifically students in third grade. Oklahoma has taken an active role in retaining students who do not pass the standard assessments. School districts are now charged with addressing intervention, including offering reading strategies and tips for families to help children read at home.

But addressing struggling readers goes beyond third grade. Administrators now know they have to start at Kindergarten and first grade and get parents involved.

“We’re having a lot of conversations with parents,” Kathy L. Dodd, an assistant superintendent for the Union district said, “and we’ve created a brochure that outlines for parents how they can begin preparing for this expectation.”

While not everyone is convinced that retention is the only option, many states are following Florida’s policy, which makes sure retained students don’t experience the same struggles. Retained third graders spend summers at reading camps and must have at least 90 minutes of daily reading with a “high performing” teacher.

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