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New Apple Apps: Game Changers for Education?

New Apple Apps: Game Changers for Education?

Social media was all the buzz with Apple’s recently released education-centered apps.

Three new exciting apps might aid cash-strapped educators by providing free teacher-created resources at their finger tips. Apple’s iBooks Author, iTunes University and iBooks 2 are all free and available for download.

iBooks Author
Educators or anyone who wants to self-publish now has a user-friendly platform to create (and sell) eBooks. The app promises to be a big hit in the self-publishing world giving the user templates and drag and drop options. (Lion X operating system is required!)

iBooks 2
Now students can have access to iBooks Textbooks that offer incredible images, note-taking and highlighting capabilities.

iTunes U
Already available with hundreds of free courses, the new app gives users access to teacher syllabi, teacher bios, andcourse descriptions and overviews. Other benefits: Helps you keep tabs on homework, course material, and highlight and take notes on texts.

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