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New method to determine teacher salaries

New method to determine teacher salaries

New teacher compensation system is designed to empower educators.

A new compensation model for teachers is being implemented by Kingsport city school system in Tennessee. The model is conceptualized around the idea of putting teachers in control of their pay, rather than the districts.

Where the previous system make salaries dependent on seniority and qualifications (degrees), this new system ranks teachers based off a variety of standards. Data found from Kingsport, based off of the state’s evaluation system, showed that a teacher’s degrees had no correlation with increased effectiveness in the classroom. This new model takes the opinions of educators of different backgrounds, ages, and qualifications in an attempt to cater to every teacher.

Teachers under this new system would earn raises according to a state’s value-added teacher-evaluation system. Those with a grade of five (5) would earn the highest salary increase.  Teachers who score a four (4) or three (3) would getter a smaller raise. Educators with a score of a two (2) or (one) 1 would receive no increase in pay.

However, this new system has received its criticisms as well. One of the factors that determine a teacher’s rank is their students’ standardized scores, which can be affected by factors other than the teacher’s effectiveness. Socio-economic status, mental disabilities, or life at home can all deter a student’s success on standardized tests.

Still, the new model will be put to the test this upcoming school year throughout the Kingsport city school system.

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