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Newtown Tragedy Sparks School Security Talks

Newtown Tragedy Sparks School Security Talks

An idyllic town’s unthinkable tragedy is being felt across the nation.

As administrators, teachers and students returned to school this week, many are left feeling a bit on edge. Last Friday’s horrific massacre that left 20 students and six adults dead at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., has sparked schools across the nation to re-examine school security measures.

The extra security measures such as checking parent and guardian ID’s, signing in and answering questions about the purpose of the visit are necessary steps to ensure school security. Some school districts are reassuring parents with posted letters on school district web sites and offering guidance and support to students who might express fear or anxiety.

For more information about your district’s security measures and emergency plans, contact your school directly.


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Photo Courtesy: U.S. Department of Education