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Online math instruction reinforces learning

A new online math program called the Reasoning Mind has recently been sparking students’ interest in math.

The website provides supplemental instruction for second through fourth grade students and offers complete sets of curriculum for students in the fifth and sixth grade. Students solve problems and gain points to help furnish their “virtual home” when they answer questions correctly.

When asked, students who have tried this new online program have said that they are understanding math better because they enjoy using the computer and get to learn in a fun, interactive way. One of the great things this program provides is the opportunity for students to move at their own pace. In a traditional classroom, teachers cannot stop in the middle of a lesson every time a student is confused. But with the Reasoning Mind program, teachers can view students’ progress and give extra attention to children who aren’t understanding concepts while the rest of the class can continue working.

Schools in the Harlendale and Judson ISD’s have given the Reasoning Mind a try and Harlandale ISD has already decided to add 17 additional computer labs so that more students can participate. SAISD has also decided to try the program along with other schools in the Houston and Dallas area. The cost for each district to use the Reasoning Mind is about $100-120 per student.

The program has been getting good feedback so far and the creators are hoping to expand the curriculum to include material for kindergarten through 12th graders.

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