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Outcomes video simplifies developmental goals

Outcomes video simplifies developmental goals

The Early Childhood Outcomes Center has produced a wonderfully, simplistic video that identifies key areas needed for successful early childhood development regardless of the setting: home, school, daycare, etc.

The eight-minute video, “Child Outcomes Step by Step,” describes and identifies the three child outcomes adopted by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and reported on by all state early intervention (Part C) and preschool special education (Part B/619) programs as part of their Annual Performance Report (APR).

If young children are exposed to these three general areas, their chances of being successful as older children increases greatly. The three identified areas or “outcomes” are: 1). Children have positive social relationships (refers to how children relate to those around them and the skills needed to develop healthy relationships); 2). Children acquire and use knowledge and skills (refers to the thinking, learning, reasoning and problem-solving skills learned at this age–children are discovering the world around them); 3). Children take action to meet their needs (children learn appropriate independence behavior.)

This resource can be used by parents, educators, trainers and early care providers and college students studying early childhood development.

Watch the “Child Outcomes Step by Step” video online.
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