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PAC to hold first midnight registration event

If going back to college is in your immediate plans, you don’t want to miss the day-long registration event at Palo Alto College.

Palo Alto College (PAC) is hosting Countdown to College on Wednesday, January 9 from 8 a.m. to midnight at the Student Center Annex, 1400 W. Villaret, 78224.

The midnight registration event gives students an opportunity to register by completing a college application, test, meet with an advisor, buy books and pay online.

Spring semester classes begin January 22, 2013, so students must complete an application at Apply Texas by January 2. Students who complete an application at Countdown for College will be eligible to enroll in the college’s 14-week session.

Music, door prizes, games and light refreshments will be available. Palo Alto College is one of the Alamo Colleges and is located at I-410 South and Hwy 16.

For more information about the academic programs and certificates available at PAC, click HERE.

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Photo Courtesy: Palo Alto College