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Participating in Team Sports Reduces Obesity

Participating in Team Sports Reduces Obesity

Results support the need for more physical activity among today’s youth.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics indicate that participation in team sports proves to be the best form of childhood obesity prevention.

In a seven-year study that followed 1,718 high school students and their families, researchers found that those who participated in a sport in the last 12 months, biked or walked to school, or led active lifestyles through a regular exercise program significantly lowered their chances to become obese.

Results showed that out of 1,718 students, 29% (498) were obese while 13% (223) fell in a sub-obese category.

“Increasing opportunities for all adolescents, regardless of athletic ability, to participate in sports should be prioritized for obesity prevention,” the study authors wrote.

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