Parent engagement and child education programs are making a difference.

For many families, preschool programs will make all the difference in their child’s life. For young Latino/a parents, it can be a lifeline.

AVANCE, Inc., who recently ranked one of the top 25 Hispanic nonprofits, is credited for enabling parents with its Parent Child Program. According to a recent article in Education Week, the parent education component in early education programs teach valuable skills to young parents enabling many to finish school and find employment.

Additionally, incorporating parent engagement opportunities help increase parent assertiveness and effectiveness. Many programs encourage parents to complete their high school education and teach important parenting skills while improving self-worth.

While support exists from President Obama’s administration, preschool programs require an investment in early childhood education.

Keep reading to see how other parent/child programs are propelling young families.

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Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Whitney for Education Week
AVANCE staff member Yesica Gonzalez, in white blouse, leads an exercise during a home visit with Rosa Martinez and her children, Lillian, 4 months, and Aaliyah, 2, in Del Rio, Texas.