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Rep. Castro introduces universal Pre-K bill

Rep. Castro introduces universal Pre-K bill

After a successful Pre-K 4 SA implementation in San Antonio led by his twin brother Mayor Julián Castro, Texas State Representative Joaquin Castro is proposing a similar program to expand Pre-Kindergarten across the nation with “Pre-K for USA.”

San Antonio’s very own Representative Joaquín Castro introduced Pre-K for USA to Congress last week. The proposed bill is modeled after San Antonio’s Pre-K 4 SA (supported by P16Plus), which expands access to early childhood education in San Antonio. Pre-K for USA would supply the funds necessary to prepare children for kindergarten, and would do so on a national level.

According to Castro, “Students who have a top-notch prekindergarten education are more likely to read at grade level, less likely to repeat a grade or drop out, and more likely to succeed in their careers. Studies have also shown that children who attended preschool are less likely to develop alcohol or drug problems, commit a felony or end up in prison.”

Representative Castro also indicated that every $1 spent on this program could result in a $7 investment if the child successfully enters the job force. In other words, preparing a child for success starts before they enter grade school.

The proposed bill gives cities the ability to control pre-K education, rather than relying on the state government. From the start, Representative Castro and his brother Mayor Castro had plans of making Pre-K 4 SA a national program. Success in San Antonio will serve as a blueprint for Pre-K for USA.

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