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Does Single-Sex Ed Promote Stereotyping?

Does Single-Sex Ed Promote Stereotyping?

Report indicates that single-sex education is ineffective and increases gender stereotyping according to experts.

In the latest edition of Science magazine, Austin psychologist Rebecca Bigler writes about the negative impact single-sex education has on students. She, along with members of the American Council for CoEducational Schooling (ACCES) want policymakers to further review the evidence.

The results are timely because Austin school district which operates an all-girl middle school is seeking funds to open two additional single-sex schools.

“Schools play a larger role in children’s lives beyond academic training—they prepare children for mixed-sex workplaces, families and citizenry,” Bigler says. “Institutionalizing gender-segregated classrooms limits children’s opportunities to interact with members of the opposite sex and to develop the skills necessary for positive and cooperative interaction.”

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