The Texas Education Agency (TEA) web site is a great resource to learn more about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) program.

If you log onto the TEA web site, you’ll notice several STAAR resources including a Q&A, testing dates, Spanish brochures and blueprints.

The blueprints allow parents, teachers and students to see how each grade and subject will be assessed, including the numbers of questions and topics covered.

For example, STARR Grade 5 Blueprint for Science has a total of 44 questions (43 multiple choice, 1 griddable) — See download print below.
Topics covered include:
Category 1: Matter and Energy (8 assessment questions)
Category 2: Force, Motion, and Energy (10 assessment questions)
Category 3: Earth and Space (12 assessment questions)
Category 4: Organisms and Environments (14 assessment questions)

Keeping up with STARR updates and sample questions will ease the transition from TAKS to STARR.

Learn more about STARR on the TEA web site.
Download the STARR Grade 5 Blueprint