STEM schools are catching on and opening up all over the country and now more students will have access to them.

According to Education Week, new STEM-focused schools will seek out underrepresented groups. The national recommendation to increase knowledge and learning in science, technology, engineering and math areas has gained momentum. Traditionally, STEM-focused programs enlisted top math and science performers in schools; however, that reach has been expanded to serve underpresented groups in STEM fields such as females, Hispanics, African-Americans and low-income students.

New STEM schools have opened in Arizona, North Carolina, New York and Tennessee, but more schools are needed. How else will educators nurture top talent and tap in to undiscovered talent?

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Photo Courtesy: Sara D. Davis for Education Week
Pictured: Zipporiah Bush, left, and Sadie Lisk photograph clay creations during a science and engineering class at a STEM-focused high school on the campus of North Carolina State University. It’s one of a new crop of schools reaching out to populations that are underrepresented in the STEM fields.