Summer slide is a phrase commonly used to describe the academic loss a student, especially those from low-income families, experiences during the summer. A study by Karl Alexander, Doris Entwisle, and Linda Steffel Olson, published in American Sociological Review, reveals that the achievement gap between high–socioeconomic and low–socioeconomic students at 9th grade traces back to the loss in reading proficiency that occurs over the summer months throughout the elementary grades. So, although the summer slide affects all students, it invariably takes a toll on our most vulnerable students.
In San Antonio, some of our most vulnerable populations are found within the San Antonio, Harlandale and Edgewood Independent School Districts. Socioeconomic factors play a role in the (lack thereof) resources at most of the campuses within these districts.

Bexar County Data

Per P16Plus data analysis, we know that 30% of our economically disadvantaged students are meeting grade level performance on their 3rd grade reading STAAR tests. Below are the performance rates for our selected districts:


Of note is the fact that most of these districts are majority economically disadvantaged. When you compare these results with the rest of the 15 Bexar County ISD’s, you can clearly see the difference that socioeconomic status makes for achievement in reading.

This summer, P16Plus will partner with the San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio Youth Literacy, United Way, H-E-B: 1,2,3 Read, and five local school districts to prevent the summer slide. Our “Summer Reading: 8 is Great!” campaign is intended to promote summer reading with a goal of at least eight books being read over the summer months.

Bookmarks, posters and a one-pager are available below for download:

Summer Reading: 8 is Great! One-Pager
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Poster (11″ x 17″)
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Poster (16″ x 24″)
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Poster (18″ x 24″)
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Poster (24″ x 36″)
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Poster (22″ x 36″)
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Sticker
Summer Reading: 8 is Great! Bookmark

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