If you’re teaching art or history concepts and can’t get out to visit a local museum, why not take a virtual tour using Google?

The Google Art Project is an initiative to that provides access to thousands of high resolution art pieces from around the world with a click of the mouse.

Not only will users have access to beautiful works of art from Andy Warhol to Monet, but the site also offers educational resources that can spark conversations about subject matter, cultures, genres, color and more. Access to video clips also reinforces key concepts surrounding topics and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities and projects are great to expand instruction and application.

Check out the What’ s Next section to find additional resources that provide art and history information such as the Khan Academy’s SmartHistory site and Artbabble.

Your virtual tour bus is now boarding. Click HERE to enter.

Take a tour using Google Art Project.
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Photo Courtesy: Google Art Project