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Teachers Use Film to Foster Critical Thinking

Teachers Use Film to Foster Critical Thinking

Using film in the classroom gives educators a tool to stimulate interest and foster higher learning.

Kids weren’t the only ones participating in camps this summer. Chicago teachers took a different approach to professional development by attending “film camps” led by area-based Facets Multimedia.

While film-studies is more common in higher education classes, the film camps focus on helping teachers to use film as a curriculum supplement to improve student analytical skills. Thus, students will learn to “critically view” the film by analyzing its content.

These analytical skills are required in the Common Core Standards in English and language arts according to the film-instructor proponents. When students are asked to analyze portions of text in a test, they will already have practiced identifying key literary devices through film analysis.

“Analysis is the word of the day with common core,” said [Jessica Keigan, an English teacher in Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Thornton, Colorado.] “You’re reading to understand the deep symbolic meaning of a text.”

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Photo Courtesy: John Zich for Education Week