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Teaching Literature with a New Approach

Teaching Literature with a New Approach

Not every student reads at the same reading level nor at the same pace.

Expecting students to read portions of a novel and then asking them to analyze the entire work may not be the best way to help students experience literature according to English teacher Ariel Sacks. She is instituting the “whole novel” approach in her literature classes so that students have an opportunity to appreciate and understand the entire literary work.

Sacks offers a basic guide to helping students and teachers incorporate this method of learning:

1). Frame the project – make sure each student has a copy of the literary work and a small notebook or post-it notes to keep notes about pages and chapters read.
2). Make sure students have reading time and support.
3). Create group mini projects based on the reading(s).
4). Discuss literature – make sure students stay on track and understand content; reinforces participating and gives students an opportunity to share.

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Photo Courtesy: Emile Wamsteker
English teacher Ariel Sacks believes it’s important to lead students to make their own discoveries in literature.