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The Bully Project Gives Families Tools for Action

The Bully Project Gives Families Tools for Action

What is your definition of bullying? If someone is being harmed and that offense is repetitive, then you can clearly say that is a serious case of bullying and not just “messing around.”

Bullying in schools and online (known as cyberbullying) is fast becoming a national epidemic, and people are taking notice. It’s hard to ignore the problem exists when there’s so much attention from national anti-bullying campaigns, web sites, Smartphone apps, children’s literature, and government legislature. Celebrities have joined the cause and are making PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) telling children to “take a stand” or “stand up” against bullying.

The Bully Project is a social action campaign for the documentary film, “Bully,” which chronicles the heartache bullying has caused to five kids and their families. The film is now showing at select theatres but will be released nationally on Friday, April 13. According to the film, 13 million children will be bullied this year. The Bully Project offers tools and resources to help families and educators address the problem immediately.

Downloadable kits offer tips, a discussion and action guide for parents, a cyberbullying checklist for schools, tools for creating Just and Caring Communities for parents, and more. Bilingual resources are also available.

Join the movement and share these resources to stop bullying.
NOTE: Click HERE to read about the creative efforts North East ISD Johnson High School took to help curb bullying at their school with their “Bully Guard” program.

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Photo Courtesy: Bully (A Lee Hirsch film)