Despite today’s technological advances, many proponents of handwriting believe that it should be reintroduced into schools’ curriculum.

Discussions among education professionals calls for the inclusion of handwriting instruction. Aside from the benefits of developing cognitive and motor skills through handwriting, students are given a life-long composition tool. As handwriting skills develop, students are able to strengthen language skills needed for academic success.

“The artist needs a paintbrush in order to paint. Children need tools for producing letters to support their composing,” said Virginia Berninger, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington, in Seattle.

Other experts go on to summise the correlation between learning letter formation and developing reader comprehension. Since the release of the Common Core State Standards, all but four states have agreed to reintroduce handwriting in the curriculum.

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Photo Courtesy: Joon Powell for Education Week/ Third grader Michael Capps listens to his teacher during a cursive-writing lesson at Charlotte Park Elementary School in Nashville, Tenn.