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VITA Program Teaches Students Real-Life Skills

VITA Program Teaches Students Real-Life Skills

With the tax season well behind us, many tax payers are breathing a sigh of relief.

Thanks to VITA, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, tax payers were able to submit their tax forms in time to meet the April 15 deadline.

But tax payers weren’t the only winners here. Hundreds of high school students have become certified tax preparers and have volunteered hundreds of hours preparing tax forms for community members.

VITA gives students an opportunity to apply academic skills in real-world settings. This kind of hands-on learning is giving students a leg up against their peers. A.J. Moore Academy in Waco, Texas, has been rated No. 1 in the nation by the IRS for their student VITA program. According to the report, A.J. Moore students have prepared over 10,000 tax returns in the last eight years.

“We hear a lot about students who are getting in trouble. They make the front page of the paper, but we have students who are doing a lot of positive things,” says Wanda Brown, director of academies at A.J. Moore Academy in Waco, Texas.

The VITA program in San Antonio has been participating in conjunction with Student Aid Saturdays events across the city. While students received help with completing financial aid forms, families received free tax preparation from VITA staff.

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Photo Courtesy: A.J. Moore Academy