Middle and high school science fair winners from across the United States were invited to share their projects at the White House.Over 100 science and math students  from over 40 competitions joined President Barak Obama in the spirit of promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (stem) careers. Some of the student exhibits included brain control of a robotic arm, prosthetic hand device, rocketry, using genes to improve farming, sanitizing lunchbox, portable disaster relief shelter, and more.

Three Texas teens were were on hand to demonstrate their rocketry skills. The Texas teens Janet Nieto, Ana Karen Nieto, and Gwynelle Condino represented the Presidio High School Rocketry Team. The girls learn engineering design principles by drafting, building, testing, refining, and resting model rockets that can precisely meet flight specifications.

The science fair is an example of the President’s commitment to inspire more students to excel in science and math. In the Educate to Innovate campaign, the president stresses the need for science and math teachers to possess deep content knowledge and strong teaching skills. Key initiatives to meet the demands of STEM include: $80 million investment to prepare STEM teachers, a new $22 million investment for teacher preparation, a STEM focus in Race to the Top, national science and math initiatives and more. To see the full list of the President’s goals for STEM-based learning, click here.

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Photo Courtesy: The White House