G-Force Promotes College Access

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Office of P-20 Initiatives
ave been working together to create the College for All Texans Initiative. They’ve recently gathered a group of motivated college students from UTSA to form what they call the G-Force Work Study program. These collegiate students in the G-Force help local high school students with tutoring, mentoring and outreach activities.

The G-Force team concentrates on providing information about college admission and financial aid while also showing how college is possible by focusing on the student’s attitude, aptitude and access to college.

The G-Force uses the Mobile Go Center which is a 42-foot trailer equipped with laptops and internet to travel to different schools, churches and other areas to reach students. With funding and grants from the Alamo colleges, Texas Pioneer Foundation, and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), the G-Force strives to show high school students how college is attainable with a combination of commitment to academic success and proper planning.

For more information about G-Force or the Mobile Go Center, visit: The Website