Meningitis vaccination needed for new students

Don’t forget!! Students seeking to enroll for the Spring 2013 semester need to be vaccinated before classes start.

All new students under the age of 30 must show proof of vaccination for bacterial meningitis.

Texas State Law (SB 1107) now requires new college students under the age of 30 to show proof that they received the bacterial meningitis vaccination if they want to attend college classes in the Spring.

According to the Alamo Colleges web site, vaccination proof must be submitted at least 10 days before classes start. Students who meet the following criteria must submit proof and a hold will appear on their Student Record which will prevent them from registering. Similar registration delays are expected across state colleges and universities.

Critieria: Who needs the vaccine?
• All new or transfer students under age 30.
• All returning students under the age of 30, who have experienced a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring term.

Local College Links for Vaccination Details
Alamo Colleges
University of Texas at San Antonio
St. Mary’s University
Our Lady of the Lake University
University of the Incarnate Word
Texas A&M University at San Antonio

Vaccine costs do vary according to individual health care coverage. Students should visit their local primary physician or local medical clinic.

Read more about meningistis from the CDC web site.
Read more about the required meningitis vaccine on the Texas Medical Association web site.

Photo Courtesy: Eric Kayne/The Texas Tribune & the Cener for Disease Control and Prevention