NVC pilots learning community program

Incoming freshmen are encouraged to sign up for a unique learning experience that links courses at Northwest Vista College.

The new Learning Communities program promises to provide students with an opportunity to build and establish a support network by offering blocked courses. The program kicks off Spring 2012.

Learning Communities are made up of two courses that are linked or blocked together during the semester. Depending on the instructor, the blocked courses can have similar themes or simply provide students with an opportunity to develop new friendships among peers and establish study groups. This collaborative learning experience gives incoming freshmen an opportunity to develop skills to succeed in college.

The learning community enables students to:

• Develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills
• Participate in study groups with classmates
• Collaborate on assignments and activities
• Form positive connections with faculty and peers

• English 1302 – Composition II
• Humanities 2319 – American Minority Students

• INTW 0304 – Integrated Reading and Writing (Two courses combined into one – ENGL0301 & READ0303)

• History 1302 – U.S. History II
• English 0301 – Basic English II

• Reading 0303 – College Reading and Critical Thinking
• Geography 1303 – World Regional Geography

• English 0301 – Basic English II
• SDEV 0170 – College Success

• Basic Mathematics 0300
• SDEV 0170 – College Success

• Math 0301 – Introduction to Algebra
• SDEV 0170 – College Success

• Reading 0301 – Pre-College Reading
• SDEV 0170 – College Success

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Photo Courtesy: Alamo Colleges/Northwest Vista College