PAC celebrates Grammy Award-winning faculty

Long-time music faculty member Juan Ortiz was recognized for his musical accomplishments at a reception at Palo Alto College.

The two-time Grammy Award winner has won both an American Grammy and a Latin Grammy award for his album with Little Joe y La Familia.

Ortiz, a member of Campanas de América, helped start the first mariachi music program in San Antonio in 1996 at Palo Alto College. He also leads Mariachi Palomino. It was only recently that he received  two actual phonograph statues and two nominee medallions, which he shared with the community according to a press release.

The Mariachi program at Palo Alto College attracts many aspiring mariachi musicians. For more information about the program, call 210-486-3228.

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Learn about the Mariachi certificate at PAC.

Photo Courtesy: Palo Alto College
(Pictured L-R): Carlos Alvarez (member of the Texas Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Juan Ortiz, and wife Belle Ortiz