UIW faculty member creates anit-bullying app

Alert. Prevent. Protect. A simple acronym and program that can potentially help address a very serious problem.

Timothy Porter, instructor of management information systems in the H-E-B School of Business and Administration and CEO/founder of Appddiction Studio, might have a solution to aid students and schools with bullying. That solution comes in form of an app that empowers students or bystanders to report the incident anonymously.

The free iPhone application, StopBullies, lets users report bullying in real-time. The software will be available to school districts, and when enabled, school administrators will be able to see the report immediately and can take action. The reporting can be sent as a text message or as a photo or video.

“After researching resources currently available for students, I found some school districts that have methods of reporting bullying incidents, but they appear cumbersome for students, with some methods requiring the student to answer up to 26 questions after the bullying incident has occurred,” Porter said. “This application is very simple and allows for incidents to be reported instantly with the touch of a button.”

The app also has other helpful resources to help users understand and recognize bullying. The mobile, preventative tool is available for secondary and high education institutions.

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Photo Courtesy: Appddiction Studio/University of the Incarnate Word