Adamsville microcommunity inducts new officers

The micro-community named “Adamsville” at Adams Elementary inducted new officers for 2012. San Antonio officials,  Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz and the Honorable Judge Frank Sandoval were in attendance to mark the special event.

Adamsville was launched by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce last year to give students hands-on experience governing their own society. Students learn the value of mathematics, spelling and reading skills as they operate their community. Using play money, students complete business transactions and run their own H-E-B grocery store, post office, TV news station, IBC Bank and AT&T Conservation Center.

This program was made possible through a donation by AT&T.

Adamsville Leadership

Brandon Alvarez-3rd grade

Rock On Manager
Annabel Lopez-2nd grade
and  Victor Mata-2nd grade

Mystifying Machines Manager
Malorie Fulton-2nd grade

The Plant Place Manager
Andrew Carrillo-2nd grade
and  Josue Cadena-2nd grade

IBC Bank President
Jackeline Ramos-5th grade

Blanca Barajas-4th grade

United States Post Master
Mercedes Acosta-3rd grade

Adamsville University Chancellor
Genesis Avina-5th grade
Alyssia Benitez-5th grade

Univision General Manager
Mikayla Gallardo-4th grade

Editor in Chief
Ariana Castillo-4th grade

Department of Economic Growth and
Development  President
Adam Alvarado-4th grade

Science Museum Curator
Isaiah Martinez-5th grade

Gold’s Gym Manager
Sheyla Trinidad-5th grade

Adamsvile Institute of Art Business Manager
Melanie Fraire-5th grade

Department of Peace and Justice Director
Kyla Ramos-5th grade

Craft Shoppe Manager
Nathalie Jewell-3rd grade

Chamber of Commerce President/CEO
Keelyn Davis-5th grade

Fiesta Commission President
Marissa Huerta-5th grade

2nd Grade City Council
Zoe Morin-2nd grade
Andrew Garcia-2nd grade

3rd Grade City Council
Daffne Rodriguez-3rd grade
Joseph Torres-3rd grade

4th Grade City Council
Anna Tristan-4th grade

5th Grade City Council
Noah Esquivel-5th grade
Iriana Mancinas-5th grade
Jessica Escobar-5th grade

Mayor of Adamsville
Delilah Rodriguez-5th grade

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Photo Courtesy: Harlandale ISD