Additional recess added to students’ day at SAISD

Additional recess added to students’ day at SAISD

Daily recess helps children develop social skills and burn excess energy.

Due to an administrative policy mandate, elementary children at San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) will get 15 consecutive minutes of recess each day. The School Health Advocacy Council (SHAC) supported the district by providing research that links child’s play and learning.

Studies suggest a positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Additionally, daily activity can reduce childhood obesity. Other organizations promoting daily recess included the SAISD Foundation, the Mayor’s Fitness Council, San Antonio Metro Health and the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel.

“We are excited to work with our community advisory group to implement a policy that can only benefit our students,” said Roger Rodriguez, SAISD’s senior coordinator for Physical Education and Health. “Recess provides all-around benefits, including helping students achieve fitness and lower their risk of obesity.”

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Photo Courtesy: San Antonio ISD