College-Bound Fever spreads at Harlandale

The message is catching on. San Antonio is creating a college-going culture and it’s beginning to show across Harlandale ISD elementary schools.

It all began with Mayor Julián Castro’s SA2020 commitment to education to create a culture focused on college or post-secondary education. GenTX-San Antonio has also been instrumental in getting the word out with their in-school messaging marketing campaigns. And, it looks like they’re listening.

Harlandale is just one of the 15 school districts in San Antonio who has answered the call. Students, staff and teachers from Adam’s Elementary recently held a Decorated Door Contest and the teachers went all out. You can walk down the hall on certain days and find the students, teachers and staff donning college attire. It’s all part of their commitment to higher education.

Another elementary who is actively promoting college awareness is Gilbert Elementary. The school has had an active School Bound Program for over five years. College awareness activities and pep rallies throughout the year keep these students motivated and excited about college.

• To learn more about the schools at Harlandale ISD, visit the district’s web site.
• To learn more about GenTX San Antonio, click on the organization’s web site.